LauraLynn Tyler Thompson

Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson is a passionate Canadian freedom fighter dedicated to serving her country. With unwavering determination, she has tirelessly fought for the values and principles that Canadians hold dear. Alongside her husband JT, Laura-Lynn remains in a constant state of advocating for freedom and championing the rights of her fellow Canadians.

With an illustrious career in the entertainment industry, Laura-Lynn has had the privilege of engaging with numerous influential individuals in the realm of faith throughout Canada. Her experience as the former co-host of The 700 Club Canada and author of “Relentless Redemption” has positioned her as an inspirational and comedic speaker. Through her work, Laura-Lynn has touched countless lives, sharing her message of resilience, redemption, and unwavering faith.

Currently, Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson hosts the daily podcast “Live with Laura-Lynn.” This platform serves as a powerful voice, bringing attention to current news and political issues from a Christian perspective in Canada. With her insightful commentary and strong convictions, she strives to make a positive impact and foster meaningful conversations within her community.

Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson’s dedication, integrity, and unwavering spirit make her a true Canadian freedom fighter. Her passion for freedom and her tireless efforts to uphold the values that make Canada a great nation are an inspiration to all who know her.

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